Should You Keep Other Cats Away From Newborn Kittens?


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Yes. Un-neutered male cats should not be around newborn kittens as they could become aggressive. Neutered male cats can be allowed close to the kittens in a few weeks' time, but only under supervision.

The only adult cat allowed to be around newborn kittens should be the mother cat.

Newborn kittens should be left in the care of the mother cat with almost no interaction with other cats or, indeed, with humans.

Only intervene if the mother cat needs help looking after her kittens. After a few weeks, you can hold and socialize with the kittens more, and other cats may become inquisitive.

Can other cats be allowed around newborn kittens?

  • Neutered males and other females should be allowed near kittens after they are a few weeks old. They will have a good sniff around their new furry friends. Always introduce kittens to other cats under careful supervision.
  • Some cats may become jealous of the new arrivals, however, so make sure you give plenty of time and care to your other cats as well.
To conclude, the only cat allowed around newborns should be the mother. Other cats can spend supervised time with the kittens after a few weeks.
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Yes! The only cat that should be around newborn kittens is the mother cat. If you have several cats in your home, they will be very curious about the new kittens.

They may not intend any harm, but letting other cats around the newborns could really stress out the mother cat.

Best to wait for introductions until the kittens are at least 6 weeks old, and only when you can supervise to break up any fights.
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