My Cat Died Giving Birth, Can My Other Adult Female Nurse Them? If So How Long Will It Take For Her Milk To Come In?


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well my female cat died giving birth too and we just happened to have another female cat to so we gave them to her to look after them and care for them as a mother but we waited about 2-3 weeks but she didn't have any milk so we bought kitten milk from the local supermarket and feed them ourselves hard work but they are all OK and are being raised at their new homes!
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My condolences for the other cat, but don't rely on that cat to provide milk! There is a small chance she will adapt and bond with the kittens in time to provide them milk, but definitely not something chance enough to risk their lives on. Even mothers sometimes have trouble bonding and producing enough milk, much less a strange female. Call your vet and ask about formula in the meantime. If you want to encourage lactation, provide a pleasant comforting area that your cat enjoys (that is also safe for the kittens and introduce them gently to her as she rests. Be careful to always be present and keep them safe in case she rejects them. If she licks them and seems content to let them false nurse, leave them be for a while and let things come as they may. Even if she accepts them, lactation is not guaranteed. It is a good idea to get them a surrogate mother though, so try anyway.
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My niece rescued a 1 week old cat. The vet recommended KMR formula. He was hand fed
and is now a whopping 15#, 9 year old cat. I don't know that there are a lot of cat wet nurses around, but you can try. There is much more to caring for newborn kittens than just feeding them. I again, would have to suggest asking a vet about all the information needed on possibly hand raising kittens. I hope it works out for you and the kittens, I know how bad you must feel about the mother who died, because I just had to have my almost seventeen year old male cat put down in February.
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Very sorry about the loss of your cat, I really love ours and it is always terrible when a beloved pet dies.

I agree with peach_bug. I have had a cat take over for another cat before, but she happened to have some kittens nursing already. Unless the cat has a VERY strong maternal instinct and is lactating, she is unlikely to be a surrogate. But you never know. The same cat that acted as a surrogate for our other cats kittens, also acted as a milk mother for a baby potbelly pig we had.
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The other adult female can not nurse them because the babies didn't come out of her body. They came out the other cat. And I think when a cat is pregnant they are producing milk for there babies when they are born so I don't think the other cat can nurse them

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