When Will Newborn Kittens Open Their Eyes?


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jesse briles answered
They should open their eyes in about 2 to 3 weeks.
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face book answered
Just around 9 days of age.
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Alec Trehfyde answered
In 1-2 weeks
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susan Chandler answered
About 10 days, don't be concerned if one eye opens first on any of them.
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My breed of kittens open their eyes in as little as 4 days!! They are a little fast! It is normally closer to the 10 day mark like slchand said.
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It usually depends on how much you handle cat just had kittens 3 days ago and I handle them a lot.the one I hold most has one eye open slightly....but I could be wrong its just from experience
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They Open & 7-10  Days. My Cat Just Had 5 Kittens On June 5 , 2010 And Today One Of The Little Fat Cats I Think Is The Oldest Has 1 Eye Opened And It's Blue It Will Change Just Be Patient

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