Are Newborn Wild Kittens Born With Rabies?


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No its not rabies its just a saliva like chemical they have when afraid.
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The only way newborn kittens would have rabies is if the mother was infected with it during gestation. Put on a heavy long sleeve jacket, thick gloves and a hat then just go in there and start grabbing but watch your face.
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No, they are not born with rabies unless like jimijaw said, but usually on the farm we had they were all imbreded by sister father, brother, and did have and carry some kind of upper respiratory and eye dripping diseases,which many died,I will never forget how I made some wild cats, in to my best friend but usually they would get locked in a trap box ,poisoned from farmers putting out anti freeze for racoons,I learned one thing living on that farm,if a wild animal comes right up to you,like its tame beware it usually has rabies this I know and went threw lucky the kids didn't get rabies from the racoon it brought home,I also had one come to me like it wanted help it was sick,rabied it started frothing at the mouth and its eyes turn a green color and roll,it must be put down,
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We recently had a rabid racoon come up to my dad in broad daylight and yes that racoon had rabies and we have cats that liv under the house well two baby kittens like a week or two old and we were tryin to catch it and we don't know if they have rabies and there is no mom so they r alone and we have been giving them food because they have none so what do I do plz help

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