My 18 Hour Old Pup Is Being Pushed Away By Its Mom And Won't Eat. What Can I Do?


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You need to be in immediant contact with a vet!  Pups that young can't live on regular milk, if you could express the mothers milk, contain it, you need to get a syringe, larger, without a needle, to suck it up in.  Your vet will tell you how much and how often too feed, if you work outside the house you will need a team, to feed the pup every two hours or so, they can't survive eating every 8 hours for example, this means in the middle of the night too.  Try as often as possible to re-introduce the pup to the dogs nipple, unless she barks or growls in protest.  The vet has a special formula for pups, if you could at least get some mothers milk, that would be optimal, in that mothers milk lies an immunity to every cold almost every sickness she has ever had.  It is also super high in nutrition, nothing else compares.  Obviously this is going to be a lot of hard work, you may want to consider calling your local chapter of animal rights organization, you could also call no kill shelters and see if they are willing to take the pup, animal control may also be able to refer you to an agency, or foster network.

If you do want to keep the pup, you become its mother, they can't poo or pee on their on yet, you have to take a warm damp cloth and rub it on therir anus, to stimulate, the release reaction, you have to do the same on the place the urine comes out, at least after they eat.  The vet can tell you how often.  Being its adopted mom, it needs to know your close to it even when your not.  Their sense of smell is their overwhelming sense.  You will need to get an old tee shirt for example and wear it for awhile, at least a few hours, no perfume, lite deodarent.  He needs to smell your natural smell.  As a newborn he needs to be comforted a lot, he needs to know your there when he cries, not all the time, you don't want him so attached you can't even set him down.  His bedding needs to be cozy, safe from things that might suffocate him, he shouldn't need blankets, dogs have a natural thermostat, he may however shiver, that's when you pick him up and warm him with body heat.  Do however put the old you smelling shirt in the bed with him.  I wouldn't suggest sleeping with the pup, it is easy to roll over in the middle of the night.  There is a greater mortallity rate for abondoned animals, you may want to keep in mind, the dog may pass from this world despite your best efforts.  I pray that you make the right choice for you and the pup.  Best of wishes, I comind you for tring.  Good luck
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This is a great common sense answer, very refreshing!!!!
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Hey! how's the little guy doing???look forward to hearing from you grim1
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A heating pad, is a very bad idea, those things get burning hot real fast. Even with a towel wrapped around it. The puppy will almost certainly chew the cord, that's also bad. Ask your vet about human formula. I could see high levels of iron possing a problem, because a puppy is usually a lot smaller than an infant. Rember to only take advice that sound right to you. If your not sure then take advice from someone who you know does. Again dogs have a natural thermostate, if they get too cold the mother warms them with body heat, that's why I advised personally picking/warming the puppy up if it shivers, please don't use artificial heat, its usually dangerous, when it's constantlly on them, dehydration, burns, heat-stoke. Even death. Good Fortune.
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You should never score someone badly because they call you on something, which by the way could have killed the pup! If this was the case.
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Check for congenital defects like cleft palate. Sometimes bitches reject a pup when they sense something wrong with it. If you find nothing get it to a vet fast, as it looks like you may have to hand rear it. If the worst happens, don't blame yourself or the mum, species that bear litters expect to lose some, it is nature's way.
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First off separate them before the momma possibly sacrifices the pup. It does happen. Usually the male, but the momma sometimes gets soem kind of resentment. I would nurse it myself. Get a small bottl  possible available at pet co. You could probably use a syringe as well. I've herd of both of them working, never by experience though. I hope the little guy pulls through.
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Ithe mother is either new or knows the pup is "weak" you can feed will a eye dropper or medicine syringe from a babies medicine.....see if it takes any thing via sucking ,,if not it may be sick..sorry and good luck!!
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The mother could be pushing it away because it is week, smaller, or she doesn't have enough milk for them all. From experience I know how hard it is to keep up with feeding puppies. If you go to the store you can get some infant formulas for human babies and it works great. At first the pup may not want to eat when you feed it but you can use a syringe and give it about 1tsp./5ml/cc. depending on how the syringe measures. Work it up until it eats about 2-4 ounces. You will also need to help it use the bathroom by using toilet paper or tissue to rub its private areas if the mother dogs refuses to do it for you. Watch the mom and see if she is acting aggressive towards the pup. If she is then you will need to keep it in a box on a heating pad. If it comes down to that then make sure that the heating pad is covered with a towel or some kind of material. If the mom is not acting aggressive to the pup, then after you feed the pup then put it back with the mother.
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You must bottle feed it yourself before she ends up killing it or eating it
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You should go online lookup the formula for puppy milk and get a really little nepple form the store and try to feed to as best as you can. have lots of blankets around to cause they get very cold fast. and feed the puppys every 2 hours.

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