My Dog Won't Eat, Is Getting Weak And Its Hair Is Falling Out. What Can I Do?


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It's clear that your dog is feeling very unwell. Numerous conditions can cause a dog's hair to fall out, make the animal stop eating and feel generally weak.

You will need to take your animal to the vet, where they can undertake a much more detailed and thorough examination of your pet.

In this scenario a vet should be able to make a relatively quick diagnosis, and start the treatment process immediately. This will give your pet the best chance of recovering from this condition quickly.

My dog won't eat - would could be causing this?
Your dog could be suffering from the following:

  • Fungal infection such as ring worm.
  • A parasitic infection such as fleas or demodex.
  • A skin disease such as follicular dysplasia.

All of the above are normally associated with the symptoms that your dog is experiencing. They may all stop the dog wanting to eat, and cause its hair to fall out. It may also become weak.

The only way to get a proper diagnosis will be to visit your vet.
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Get him to a vet asap. You never know what this could be. Worst case scenario, diabetes or cancer. Yes, animals get this. Better to get him a physical than to watch him suffer.

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