My 2 Month Old Pitbull Puppy Wont Eat Or Drink Water She Sleeps All Day Losing Alot Of Water Wont Play With The Kids?


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Take her to the vet now!  A puppy that age can die quickly from dehydration.
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Mine was the same, I have her only a few days. She wouldn't do anything really at all. I guess it´s because she had to adjust to the new environment. -being on a car in the dog-box makes her vomit and she´s very poorly and kind of introverted than.
It´s all right now since yesterday (got her on wednesday today´s sunday), she´s starting to warm up and finally turning into a powerball.
I had to stick my fingers in the water bowl and she was licking it off, same with feeding, first few bits I´d fed her by hand, figured that might get her to know me and getting used to my smell. It took her some days to calm and getting used, maybe it´s to much happening around your dog, it´s quiet at our house, guess that makes it easier for the puppy to fit in.
Still like I mentioned, it took her quite a few days to warm up, still sleeping a lot, days are like get up pooh and pee, eat either sleep or play and sleep, pooh and pee...getting out whenever she wakes up to get her clean,...
How long is it now since your puppy´s been having no water and food?
Can you call an animal shelter, because mostly they're having qualified and experienced people and you could get some ideas or answers from them.
If nothing goes there´s still the vet.

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