2 Day Old Pup. Wont Latch On Nipple Or Bottle.. What Do I Do?


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Christa answered
If he won't latch on to eithe of the two you should try syringe feeding him
About every two hours. Buy some puppy milk replacer found at any pet store
And follow the feeding guides on container on exactly how much to give it.
If nothing works I would suggest calling your vet and seeing if there is anything
Else to try or if they would take the puppy and try to save it. Good luck!
Bethan You-don't-need-to-know Profile
First take the little guy to the vets. Lets call him Bongo. Okay, take Bongo to the vets and get him worm diagnosed etc. Put a little milk on your fingers (the puppy kind, get it off your vet or pet store). Let Bongo suck your fingers (he may not have developed the skill in the womb). Try him on the nipple. If this doesn't work syringe feed him.

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