How Often Do You Feed 4 Weeks Old Puppies Softened Puppy Food?


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Usually, four-week-old puppies would still be feeding on their mothers milk however, if for some reason this isn’t possible, a four-week-old puppy should be fed small meals about four times each day.

For such young animals, it is best to start them off with dry puppy food combined with some replacement puppy milk formula which can be purchased at any large pet store. These products should be blended to make it easier for the puppy to digest. As the puppy gets older the amount of milk in the formula should be lessened and the amount of hard food increased until they are able to eat normal puppy food (this should be by around six to seven weeks). By this stage, puppies should be eating dry food and drinking water. Towards the end of this process it is also possible to use cooled, boiled water instead of the milk.

It is best and advisable to use the same brand food as the mother eats; as puppies will find this more familiar. Just make sure you use the puppy version as this has added nutrients required for growth and development as well as being smaller in size for easy digestion.

You should never use cow’s milk to make up the formula. If for some reason you are unable to get special puppy milk, pure goat’s milk can be used instead but it is best that this is a temporary arrangement. If your puppy appears weak or refuses to eat, it is important you take it straight to the vet as four weeks is very young to be taken from the mother.
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Puppies of this age need to be fed at least 3-4 times a day--most of these feedings will occur through mom.  As the puppies get bigger and she allows them to nurse less or produces less milk they need to be supplemented with softened puppy food.  I would start offering softened puppy food 3-4 times a day.  They do not need to eat a large amount as they are still getting breast milk. 
Weaning typically occurs at 6-8 weeks of age.  At this point they can be on canned or dry puppy food.  Most puppies still need to be fed 3-4 times a day until 3-4 months of age--this is especially true for small breed dogs.
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There is no reason for you to wean your pups before their mother begins weaning them. But you can begin offering softened puppy chow or a puppy food of your choice at three weeks of age. Three to four times a day is a good amount daily to offer. Just let the feed soak in some canned milk or room temp water until it swells up and is soft. Dab some on your finger and touch it to their mouth. Be sure that you have the food in a shallow dish, a saucer will work just fine, so they can reach it. They will lick some of it off their mouth and decide for themselves if they are ready to begin eating. You may find you half to help them find the food the first time or two. Watch as they begin getting in their teeth and you can then begin allowing them more of a crunch to their bites as they grow. Their mother should ween them by around 8 to nine weeks. If you choose to force ween them at 8 weeks you may without causing harm to your pups health. I have raised many pups using this method and have had no ill effects. Best Scarletthunder
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Has it been weaned yet if so then you should feed them 4 times a day with dry food soaked in water. It should be soft and you should also buy puppy milk its a formula that like the mothers milk. Mix it in with the dry food and water. Make shure there is still water in the food so the puppy will get enough to drink. It also teaches them to drink water. Do this until it is 6 weeks old then all you have to do is put the water in the dog food and feed it to them 3 times a day. They will be able to eat the food hard and they will also get plenty of water to drink. At 8 weeks feed the pup 3 times a day like you would normally. Hope this helped
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Puppies need to be weaned at the age of 6 weeks, till this time, there is no rhyme or reason to how much they will feed, but if you are hand rearing them, then every 2 hours is a good guess. At 6 weeks, slowly add dog food to their diet, and reduce the amount of milk they get.

After 6 weeks, they will start eating normal dog food. Make sure you are giving them a puppy formula that is made for their size. Large breeds have a different dog food from smaller breeds. Give the puppies food 4 times a day, with about 1/2 cup - 1 cup per feeding, and change the amount if you feel the puppies are eating it too fast or too slow.

After 3 months, change this schedule to 3 feedings, and at 6 months, to 2 feedings a day.

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3-4 times a day, making sure you remove all uneaten food so you can monitor their intake. At that age the pups should have been wormed twice already, at 2wks and 4wk of age, and every 2 wks until 4 mo old. First shot at 7-8 wks of a combo, or Parvo by itself at 5 wks, then the series.
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At that age they should still be with thier mums, but if not they they require feeding 3 to 4 times a day. Just like a human baby they require feeding more frequent feeding until they get a bit older. It is normally recommended that older should be fed twice a day
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Try them on some soft food and maybe some milk that you can get especially for animals. You can usually get it amongst the animal food in the supermarket. I would make sure they have access to water as this is best for them, but being so young they may like the little bit of milk for a short time as well.
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My 4 1/2 week old puppy has been tired for the last 2 days prior to that was playful doesnt seem to be feeding

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Feed them 3-4 times a day, cleaning up uneaten food so you can monitor the intake. The mom should be pushing them away by now because they have teeth and hurt her. Also they should have been wormed twice already, at 2wks and 4 wks. And every 2 wks until 4 mo old. First shots, you can do yourself, are 7-8 wks of age.

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