How Long Do Dogs Breast Feed?


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You can usually start the weaning process around four weeks or so (sometimes a little earlier if for health reasons concerning the Dam). They still nurse for awhile and especially at first but as you are able to add consistency to the food (pretty much water/formula with a little bit of soft food at first) they tend to eat more and nurse less. Usually around 6 weeks or so or even a little earlier their teeth start to hurt her and she starts to get a bit irritated (signalling the beginning of the learning of what NO means, we just teach the word, she teaches the meaning :-). They start to wrestle and play rougher and fight with their litter mates and need more disciplining from Dam and will begin to learn things like pack placement and bite inhibition through all those interactions which will help them be good pets later. Many responsible breeders keep them longer for the health and socialization and behavioral reasons but at 8 weeks you can give them their last set of puppy shots, deworming, and vet check while with you and place them in their new homes (unless they are very tiny things, might hold off then and continue care) if you are in a hurry :-). Just because they can eat doesn't mean they are ready to leave and could lead to life long behavioral issues which are difficult or impossible to correct as the necessary foundation isn't there. If it's at eight weeks they have at least begun learning some of the things they needed to. In many states it is also illegal to place/transfer/sell before the age of eight weeks unless a foster or rescue/shelter situation. Good Luck.
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When it's time to stop the mother dog will push the babies away, or walk away from them. There is no set time as far as I know but you can ask a vet. If a mom dog is not doing her job and the babies are too young to survive on their own(that is if they aren't drinking water from a bowl or eating on their own, then they are not ready(they call it "weaned "of the mother , meaning no longer drinking mom's milk. ) maybe there is some thing wrong, a vet can tell.
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Nursing period in dogs is usually up to 6 weeks. Milk production starts to decline after 4 weeks and dogs don't have milk approximately after 6 months. Sometimes, milk production is stopped early. This is not good for puppies and can be due to poor diet. Nursing dogs should be given high quality nutritious food.

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