My Puppy Won't Eat And Is Vomiting, What Could It Be?


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Julie Baxter answered
I found feeding my dog rice and plain yogurt will stop them from throwing up, most of the time at least. Baneful came out with a new kind of wet food that kind of looks like stew we humans would eat. I buy that and then add plain yogurt to it. Only give your dog smalls amounts and wait to see if they throw it up, if they don't then give it some more.
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We learn this the hard way after a 600. Vet bill. Could be the food. This will sound strange but buy Gerber baby food in the bottle stage 2 chicken,veal, lamb what you baby is lose with get it back with the baby food. For dehydration pedylight in ice cubes.
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Wont eat, weak, throwing up, breathing strange in puppy?
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Take it to the vet and find out

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