What Does A Cleft Palate Look Like On A Puppy?


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A cleft palate in a puppy can appear in several different ways (facial deformation in the top lip/nose, back of the throat, and most commonly, a hole in the top of the mouth that  runs along the middle from behind where the front teeth would be, the the back of the mouth).  Just type in "puppy cleft palate" on your favorite internet search engine in the 'images' section, and you she be able to view some pictures, giving you a better idea.

Hopefully that helps to answer your question.

That being said, I would just like to throw in my own 2-cents- in response to the previous poster...  

You are right, that is cruel.. And is also ignorant.  If you found a puppy on the street, r in front of your house, what would you do? Would you just say to yourself "well, it doesn't have a mother.. And everyone knows that puppies without mothers MUST die because they don't have any choice but to starve to death!" ??!

If you come into a puppy that has a cleft palate birthed from a mother dog you own, then you should accept responsibility for it.  (That's just my own opinion, of course).

If you do find yourself in possesion of a clefty, there are ways you can help, rather than not even giving it a chance (like automatically getting it put down, or letting it starve).  You can hand raise it.  It does take some time and effort, and CAN, in fact, be quite tiring, but- and speaking from personal experience- it can be so rewarding.  

After taking my lil clefty to the vet, I was told that Surgery- which I could NOT afford- was my only option.. However, I was ever vigilant at scouring the net.. Google, random dog sites, and even youtube.  I found proof that These lil guys have a very good chance at life- even without surgery- as long as you're proactive in attempts to help.

All I'm saying is, do your research.. Don't be so quick to condemn these poor little guys- who I believe deserve just as much chance at life as any other puppy.

(BTW, sorry for the long rant, I just wanted to give an alternative opinion to the previous poster "Just get em put down" approach :)
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The roof of their mouth is malformed. Sometimes just a slit in the middle, or some can be more open. Mother will usually kill a pup with cleft palate, she can tell a difference in the sounds that the pup makes. If she doesn't kill it, it has almost no chance for survival since it is unable to create suction to nurse. In my opinion pup with this deformity should be put down, if mom doesn't handle it . I know that sounds cruel... But it is not nearly as cruel as letting the poor little one starve to death.

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