My 5 Week Old Puppy Won't Eat And Only Drinks A Small Amount Of Water. What Do I Do?


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My two puppies 2 weeks old lost mom, lovely Japanese Chin she ran across road to visit friend and an old man did not see her ran over her she died instantly internal damage too severe to save,
we hand raised the puppies giving syringe full of milk every few hrs when cried has to be Puppy milk not Cat or milk wee drink is not good for pups they are now 4 week old on mushy pup food and doing wonderful
see some stupid posts as oh it wont live without mom yes they will

as to posts where call people stupid and shouldn't be away from mom sometimes it happens we raised 9 at one time mom died birthing
don't scare people they maybe new to animals,
we need to help them,
yes should take vet but sometimes although we love animals,
like me just lost job,  at times not always easy to run vet so ask advice first
please be kinder to fellow men if you love animals help them they do too
don't put abuse and think your a vet yourself we all have to learn good luck to all who have taken an animal love it but can't aford huge vet bills ,
sometimes all it needs is a good answer .good luck to all .and yes I agree I have no job but my pup is going vet today ask for payments
Good luck to all animal lovers
as for abuse on here ignore it they probably treat animals same verbal abuse as humans.
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Not always true. I have 3 5 week old puppies because the mother wants nothing to do with them. Some mother dogs will wheen a lot faster. By 2 weeks the mother of my puppies wouldnt even go near them. Puppies only need to stay with there mother until they are 3 to 4 weeks old. After that the only reason they should stay is to be with there litter mates to learn how to be dogs. Any vet will tell you that.
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I have a 5 week basset hound and the mother doesn't want anything to do with her!
And the owner had her outside so I couldn't leave her there!
She is 100% fit pup nothing wrong with her. She plays a lil and sleeps
she drinks and eats a lil! And goes on the pad when I wake her up!
She had her shot today so she is a lil runny, But good!
I just worried bout her for not eating as much as she should!
I love my pup I'll do anything for her!
She has a good home and a good owner!
If you keep giving her soft puppy food and put it in her mouth she will eat!
But she is always tired lol an wants to sleep!
I get up every 3 to 4 hours for her..
I love animals very much! I love my dog! And I agree with you Guest!
We should help people not give them a hard time!!!!!
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Does he act sick, maybe try changing the food, or a trip to the vet.
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A 5 week old puppy should still be with his or her mother. That is too early for a puppy to be eating on his own.
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Give it back to its mom its too young to leave no matter what a breeder or pet store tells you

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