My Dog Is Scratching In His Anal Area By Rubbing His Anus On A Rug Or The Concrete, Which Is Starting To Bleed From His Scratching. What Can We Give Him To Fix This?


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You poor dog sounds like signs of Worm.

Have you been up to date with your worming?

You have to treat your dog regularly.

Id purchase an all worm tablets or the drops you put behind their shoulder balds from your vet (they are only a preventative).

And get your dog checked out at the same time. Because The longer you have let this go the bigger the problem and the worms are inside your furry friend. Its only going to get worse if not done soon.

The vet will give you medication that will kill the worms that are growing in your dog.

And then keep up with the "All worm" To pro-vent it from happening again.

Yuck just thinking about those worms.

Do the best for your dog. :)

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It's worm infection and your dog need medication from the vet. The sooner the better, don't let your dog feel uncomfortable and restless.
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Please be careful with over the counter dewormers as they have an alarming tendency to kill our pet's too and kill very few parasites. The most likely reason for your dog to be doing that is that the anal glands need expressed and it's their way of trying to relieve the problem themselves. They have glands just in there that they used before they were domesticated and now even though they are no longer used the glands remain. Most small dogs and even many large ones need the glands expressed on a pretty regular basis. If they are not they can become impacted and infected. Vet's can do this and most of the time when your dog is groomed in a professional grooming facility this is done (and the bath is nice since it SMELLS). You should probably see your vet this time in case they are infected and your pup needs antibiotics.
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First you need to check his stool, are there any white looking objects in it, kind of like rice or small thins objects. If so, the dog has worms. You can buy over the counter meds at pet stores. If stool looks ok you need to take him to the Vet.

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