My dog is vomiting yellow foamy liquid. She is eating and drinking normally and normal bowel movements. Not sure what is wrong?


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Casey Su answered
My dog did this all the time. She lived 16 long years, and as far as I know, this is just from an upset stomach. As long as there is no blood in the vomit, it should be fine. The only time my dog had a bad time involving vomit, she had an upper respiriatory infection and had the yellow vomit with red blood clots. If the clots are visible, take the dog to the vet asap. But all should be fine. :)
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Tammy Keller answered
Sounds like she just has an upset stomach....has she been outside and wanting to eat grass?  Offer her plenty of fluids....if she is still vomiting in the morning, I would call the vet.
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Forest Lone answered
Upset stomach, maybe something the dog ate. If the dog goes outside, could have ate something.
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Well my dog had that problem.....your dog is problely eatting stuff off the floor she is not suppose to...or she is eatting her own waste..and they do that to get more maybe that can help you if not take her to the vet....!

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