My Dog Keeps Whining, And Is Not Eating As Much As Normal. Can You Help?


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James Parnell answered
If your dog isn't eating, and is whining then it seems obvious that something isn't quite right with him or her. Unfortunately, a lot of conditions (both serious and trivial) can cause these symptoms.

The best way to get a clear answer to this question would really be to take a trip to the vets.

The vet will be able to undertake a detailed and thorough examination of your dog and the problems that it's encountering.

Once a diagnosis has been made, then treatment for this problem can begin right away - so, hopefully, your dog will be eating normally in no time.

Why is my dog whining and not eating?
  • Theses symptoms could be the result of a dental problem, something that is common in older dogs.
  • Whining and not eating are common symptoms displayed by dogs who have digestive or intestinal problems.
  • Infections, such as bacterial, fungal or parasitic infections, can cause your dog to stop eating, and to be in some discomfort.
  • To get a proper diagnosis, you will have to visit a vet.
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Please take the dog to the vet.

It sounds to me like since he does eat, but very little, it might be his teeth or his stomach. But only the veterinarian will know for sure.

I hope your dog will be okay. Good luck.

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