My dog is shivering And not eating what should i do? (Dont answer take your dog to the vet please)


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Force feeding may sound cruel but it is a good way to get some goodness into a pup and MAY encourage them to eat (but then again they may throw it back up, then you really should take her to see someone) When my puppy wouldn't eat I tried mixing some treats in with her food or something she liked but we wouldnt normally feed her. The shivering may be brough on lack of food too.
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Have you changed his dog diet or something? Do you still remember the last thing he ate before this happened? I am thinking, your dog may have eaten something that may be harmful for him.

Give him water for now as a substitute for food. I won't advise you to take him to vet, because I am hoping that you have already taken him there. Because that is the first thing you have to do.
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It could be parvo.  I adopted a dog once who ended up having it and she wouldn't eat and would shake all the time. Eventually she started vomiting everything up. I was lucky I got her to a vet just in time. You should probably take your dog to the vet. I know that's not the answer you want but if it is that the dog could die.
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Keep it warm and get it to drink plenty of water as this could be the signs of your dog having eaten something that disagrees with it.
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Make sure it's in a warm temp. Area it might have problems with a lot of people and is just nervuse or if the dog is realy old it might be to sick to do anything

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