My Dog Has A Wound On His Leg And Keeps Licking It How Can I Stop Him As It Wont Heal. It Is Not Infected..?


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Take him to the vet and get some stitches. He's only liking it to soothe it, as it is probably very sore.
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The best results I have ever had with open sores, ulcers and popped abcesses is:
1. Pack wound with plenty of Glucose powder
2. Cover glucose power with powdered Flowers of Sulpher to dry out the Glucose (wound wets it). Both are cheap and available at any Chemist on the shelves.
3. Wrap the wound with a dry bandage to keep the mix on the wound
4. Wrap the bandage with wide sticky plaster like elastoplast to deter dog from getting to it
5. Repeat every 2 days until wound has closed up.

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