My Dog Stumbles And Can't Keep Balance, Can You Help?


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It is a possibility that your dog has an inner ear infection.  The inner ear controls balance.
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This could be ataxia (a lack of coordination) can result from nervous system disorders caused by damage to the brain, inner ear or spinal cord, or from musculoskeletal damage.  The vestibular system control balance and consists of part of the inner ear and the posterior part of the brain.  Signs of vestibular disease include falling, dizziness, head tilt, flickering of the eyes, and circling.  Other signs may include nausea, facial paralysis, loss of hearing, seizures, loss of sight, and difficulty eating or drinking.  Damage to the vestibular system can occur due to cancer, inflammation, stroke, trauma, nutritional deficiencies, brain cysts, thyroid disease and brain and ear infections.  Musculoskeletal damage can be in the form of infection, inflammation, hip dysplasia, crucial ligament rupture or any other kind of trauma.   If you are seeing any of these signs you should have your animal examined by a veterinarian immediately.  
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I'm not a veterinarian but my dog has the same symptoms, I think your dog may have an ear infection. Xx hope it helps

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