My New Puppy Has Been Crying Every Night. What Should I Do?


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Most puppies when moved to a strange place, cry for the first week or two. It is completely normal and it is because they are frightened, they do not understand where their littermates went or where their mother is. They basically want attention and many new dog owners become worried that the dog is just not happy with them. The best way to sort the problem out is to ignore it. It can be hard to do because it is the same as hearing a baby crying for help and not going to help them. It tugs on the heart strings and it is difficult to ignore.

However, if you do ignore the problem then the puppy will eventually realise that crying does not help and that they will still see you in the morning. Some puppies do not cry at all, others cry for a few nights, whilst some simply will not give up for a week or two. So, just persevere and you will notice that the problem does go away, just as long as you do not give the puppy any attention whilst it is moaning.
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Give her lots of atenshion she needs to get used to her seraoundings mine youst to do it but i give her lots of atenshion by stoking her and beeing very loving with a soft voice be very payshiont with your dog
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Your answer above is very helpful! We have a 9 week old Great Pryaneese, and he is a cry baby at night....ugh...we do create him when we are at work, but at night we have a big doggy bed on our floor in our bedroom, BUT- he always ends up under our bed crying....ugh..thankfully it only lasts for about 15 and are tired, ha ha...but hopefully, thid will go away once he feels totally comfotbale!
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Is your puppy being crate trained? They tend to do better if they have a little nest to feel safe and comfy in.  A cozy dog bed in a crate with some chew toys usually helps.  If you are crate training resist the urge to take them out when they cry.  I played music softly by my puppy's crate for the first two weeks.  She now goes right in her kennel when she sees me getting ready for work and collecting all her favorite toys from around the house.  Keeping a routine will help.  Good Luck!
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Place a hot water bottle in it's bed and a ticking clock,makes it think mommies there.also place it a blanket and stuffed toy,its just lonely for its mothers warmth and being with its siblings
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Comfort it by staying with it until it sleeps or maybe give it a toy or a chew or a mini bone so it has something to occupy it - maybe it will take its mind of crying! Or let it come upstairs with you - hope I have helped sorry if not :)
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Sometimes puppies bond with you to the extent that they feel completely left out when you are not right there to hang on and lay on.  Puppies generally lay among their siblings and look like a completely entwined ball of fluff the way they under and over each other.

You might take a few shirts that you have worn all day (so it has your scent on it) and put him in a little box (if you can near your bed so he can hear your voice if you leaving him loose at night or wherever you wanting him to sleep) and let him curl in among all your clothes.

However, make sure they shirts you don't want he might chew on them and you might want to cut through the head and arm holes so he doesn't get his head stuck when he starts curling and sniffing into them.  :)
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In my experiences with puppies I had very good luck with putting a ticking clock close to the pup while they sleep it seems to give comfort as if their mothers heartbeat is there. A small wind up alarm clock is very inexpensive. Just make sure the alarm is not set to go off. Ha ha
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You could also take a steel hot waterbottle fill that with hot water and stick that in a few thick socks as it resambles the bodyheat it looks for at night it usually works as we did it at home when we separated the puppies from the mothers after the first six weeks to ween them off of the full heat pileups at night.
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My pup is 8 weeks old and last night it cried all night and did not stop even when we ignored it. Me and my daughter did not get any sleep
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He/she is only crying because they miss their mum so just keep it comfortable and it will get used to the new surroundings and you then stop crying.
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As hard as it may be when the puppy cries at night don't go to it.the puppy has learned that if he cries you will come. If you can ask the owner of the mother dog if you can rub a towel over the mother to get her scent on the towel. Then put the towel with the puppy and he will calm down.if you can't do the towel. Try a stuff animal for the puppy to lay next to.
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Mentioned by many other great answers already. It’s all of the above: Adjusting to the new environment, missing its mom and siblings, building trust with you, etc. Give it some time. It’ll take several weeks, then it’ll integrate with your life.

Check out the Top 4 Hard Facts to Expect When You Become a Dog Owner. It should help you go through this exciting change.

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You because if you keep coming back to see it the puppy will think that every time it cries you will come back
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It may help to put a shirt that has been worn that day that has your sent on it , it sometimes makes your pup feel a little more save and comfortable!
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I have always put their crate or kennel in the bedroom with us. They hear us breathing which makes them feel close and not alone. They just want to be with the rest of the pack. Make sure they can see you from their crate.
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TWO weeks Old ? Or do you mean you have had it two weeks ? If it is only two weeks old, I hope you have it with it's Mother. It HAS to be with the Mother at that age, for milk and believe it or not the Mother dog trains it how to be a dog. If you do have it with the Mama, is it possible the Mama stepped on it and hurt it ? Or any human family member that may have hurt it accidently ? Since it is so young, only a vet will be able to help you.
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Let him/her sleep in  your room and when he cries comfort him but don't baby him/her or he may end up with separation anxiety.Just be there for him and thats all he will need.Hope I helped.
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I had a pup and he had a cage. We put him in there and he was crying so if you put your dog in the cage maybe that's why he's crying.
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You should cuddle with it so it doesnt get to lonely and your bond between you and your puppy will grow :D

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