My Cat Is Not Eating And Seems Really Tired. He's Not Meowing As He Normally Does, And Is Sleeping A Lot. What Is Wrong?


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You need to take your cat to the vet, as this kind of behaviour could be due to a variety of problems, none of which can be identified or treated without a proper veterinary examination.

It could be something as mundane as your cat not liking the food you have bought, or he/she may have picked up a slight infection. Either way, it's best to ask a vet to take a look at your pet.

Why is my cat very tired, sleeping a lot and not eating?
  • If we didn't eat for a day we'd certainly be hungry, but it wouldn't do any damage to our internal organs. This is very different for cats, as they can suffer organ damage after only one day of not eating.
  • When cats do not ingest new food, their body starts to use their body fat. However, this stored fat needs to be processed by the liver first, which requires protein - something the cat dosen't have enough of, because they haven't been eating.
  • This causes the liver to become overloaded, and could lead to a condition known as hepatic lipidosis - which is very serious and could lead to liver failure.
Take your cat to the vet, where they can produce a much more thorough and accurate diagnosis.
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Sounds like your kitty is not feeling well and should see their vet today. Those are all signs something is wrong and your kitty needs some help. Your vet will be able to narrow down the possibilities after an exam, history and talking to you.

Not eating for even 24 hours can send a cat into organ failure, it usually takes a little longer but it can happen. Their bodies don't work like ours. I hope your baby is feeling better soon.

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