My dog was bitten by a cat,has infected lumps now what is this infection?


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Muhammad Nadeem answered
Physical examination is necessary to diagnose these lumps in your dog. Infected lumps are not necessarily due to cat bite because cat bite can cause wounds. It will be better to take your dog to vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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Your pup needs to see the vet for diagnosis and appropriate treatment. There is no way to say without seeing your pup and talking to you and the proper medication also needs to be prescribed.
If it is from the cat, cat bites can be very dangerous and they have bacteria in the saliva that infects the bones and joints and can result in a need for amputation and especially if not taken care of soon enough. If not from the cat things can become more serious pretty quickly and your pup could even go septic if you don't see the vet and take care of this in time. Generally going sooner is much less expensive than going later.
Hope your pup is okay and feeling better soon.

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