When My Daughter Gets Bit By A Mosquito It Blisters Up Where She Was Bitten. What Could This Be?


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Hi my dear, no need to fret! I too have the same allergic reaction from mosquitos. I'm 26 and have had it since ive been young. Doctors will give you a million different things and even deny that a mosquito can give you blisters or rock hard lumps on your body. I fought for yrs to figure this out. And recently a study was released about ...NO LIE...SKEETER SYNDROME...its a fairly new find. Look it up and hopefully your questions will be answered. Aparently, about 10% of the population have this allergy to mosquitos. ME included! There are different levels to it. Basically some people and childen have a moderate ton severe reaction to the bites. Depending on the reaction level it can be treated with benedryl or in more severe cases an eppi pen. They are the same shots the give to ppl who are allergic to bees. In any case monitor your baby closely. After all only us moms know whats best for our kids :0) Do some research and go from there. And tell that DR of yours to educate themselves on the new finds researchers are comming out with. Good luck!
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thank you sooo much i will mention that to her when i take my daughter for her checkup this has helped a lot
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Well of course you may be right but I suppose the doctor is the one to have the final diagnosis here of course if you think its still wrong you could get a second opinion after if you have seen the area blister after then you could be spot on be insitant if you are not happy here this is your child's welfare in question good luck take care,let me know how you get on
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Why don't you put mosquito repellent on your daughter.  It really does work.

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