My Dog Has A Green Discharge From Her Eye And I Was Wondering What I Could Do To Get Rid Of The Infection Naturally? Bwatt


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You can get boric acid at any drug store. Mix 2 teaspoons to one cup of warm water. ALWAYS wipe from the inner corner out with a cotton ball, only use the cotton ball once. Make sure that it is completely dissolved, and warm water. At least 3 times a day. More if needed. You should see improvement in a day or two. Good luck! Lemmie know how it goes. Our dog gets this too, at least once a year. Just make sure it's dissolved good, no powder. OK? It will save you the cost of vet and antibiotics, and this is just as good... If it doesn't clear up in a week, you'll have to spend the money. But this treatment will give immediate relief to your pet.. Lemmie know!!
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If your dog is having a green discharge from its eye, it is most probably a sign of eye infection. If your dog only discharges it in the morning after waking up then it is normal. However, if the discharge comes all day, it a sign of infection. Eye infections are very common among dogs and cats and they sometimes occur on their own and at times as a result of scratching the eye.
Other than infection, it can also a sign of seasonal allergies. It is advisable to take you dog to the vet. Vets usually recommend ointments or drops to cure the infection. Sometimes they also recommend herbal treatment.
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A teabag that has been brewed, and allowed to cool down makes a soothing wipe for an eye. The tea is also mildly antiseptic. Make sure it is just a plain ordinary black tea bag though.
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You can try washing it with a boric acid solution, it wont hurt her. Also if you have any eye ointment for people that will work also.
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Bath it regular with mild disinfection solution to help kill any infection but should be taken to a vet for diagnosis, it could be more serious than it looks.
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Your dog might be having inflammation of conjunctive due to virus or bacteria. Other causes of conjunctivitis in dogs are
  1. Parasites of eyelids
  2. Foreign material like grass or splinters in eyes
  3. Eyelids problems
  4. Corneal diseases
  5. Tear duct problems
Viral infections require only rinsing with water while bacterial infections are treated by antibiotics. Removal of splinters or grass from eye through eye washing is also helpful. Some causes require medicines and surgery. So, it will be good to seek help from your local vet.
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If you can't take the dog to the vet you can try washing its eyes with saline solution but if doesn't work you should let a vet help
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Take it to the vet FAST! GREEN IS Staph Infection!
DO NOT Touch the GREEN EVER! It is contagious by contact and resistance to most antibiotics! And Totally clean and disinfect anything it TOUCHED!
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green doesn't necessarily mean staph. infection, yes. dogs are resistant to staph.
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Staph Infection........Seriously? Staph Infection Is A Skin Disease That Causes Open Wounds, Boils, Scalded Skin, Etc. Not "Eye Boogers." Saline Solution, Like That Used With Contact Lenses, Is The Best Solution If Vet Bills Want To Be Avoided.

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