My Dog Has A Lump Behind His Ear,what Is It?


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There are two ways in which the lump can go; it can either be harmful or safe. You will find that if the dog is in no pain when you are touching the lump that it is not going to be anything to worry about, as these lumps can often be:

· Calcium deposit
· Fluid

If you find that the dog is in pain when you touch the lump it could something more serious such as:

· Infection
· Tumor

To ensure that you are going to be making the right decision as to whether the lump is harmful or not, it is always advised that you seek professional help from a vet. They are going to be able to diagnose the dog in the best possible way and you are not going to have any worries and it will be able to be treated as soon as possible if it is harmful in any shape or form.

As long as you ensure that you don't ignore the dog if it is finding the lump painful, you know that you are making the right decision and that the situation can be taken care of successfully without there being any complications.

If you ever find that there is something wrong with your dog or that there is a lump somewhere else, you must always ensure that you see the vet as soon as possible to have confirmation that there are not serious effects on the dog. You can read as much as you like on the internet but every day is different and is going to be affected in a different way. And this is why making sure that you seek medical help for the lump is very important as you don't want to take any risks which could harm the dog's life in the future.

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