My Dog Has Swollen, Red Eyes That Gather A Crust Around The Outside Over Night. He Has Had This Problem Before, But The Vet Will Not Prescribe Med Without Seeing Him Again. Are There Any Home Remedies We Can Try First?


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Start by cleaning the discharge from the eyes. Use a wet clean soft cloth, or a cotton ball, and dip it in lukewarm water and gently wipe away the discharge from around the eye. Repeat a few times every day. You can also try and over the counter eye scrub like Eye Clear from PetMeds or saline drops.

Another approach is to put Saline solution directly into your dog's eye. This will get rid of any irritants that are in the eye. You can also try using Tear Drops for the same effect.

Apply a compress on the eyes as well. Covering the eyes with a damp, warm compress can be soothing. Keep it there for five minutes. Wash when applying to another eye to prevent infection from spreading.
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Eye is very delicate and sensitive part of the body in all animals. Eyes problems can lead to permanent vision problems. Eye swelling in dogs can be due to many reasons. Most common cause of periocular swelling in dogs is allergy to toxins of insect bite. Inflammation of the conjunctiva due to bacterial or viral infection is another cause of eye swelling. Some foreign bodies like splinters or grass in the eyes can also cause eye irritations leading to eye swelling. So, it will be ideal to take your dog to vet.
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I just read your question and it seems as though there are many people out there with the same problem. Firstly, what kind of dog, how old, did you move recently, has he had this problem before?
Could it be that you are feeding him something that is not agreeing with him. Go for an expensive Dog Food like Solid Gold products. Most of the dog foods out there, have by-products in them and if you stop to think of what those are: It's chicken feet and claws, guts, sweeping of floors in mills that obviously have mouse dropping, euthanized dogs and cats, restaurant grease, hair, hooves, road kill and toxic chemicals. There has been a lawsuit alleging the Pet Food Industry which I won't name the dog companies but will say that it's some of the very big name brands.

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