My Maltese Has Red Around The Eyes. Is This Something To Be Concerned About? The Eyes Are Not Red


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Certain dog breeds such as the Maltese are especially susceptible to red yeast infections. Maltese dogs often have excessive tearing of the eye. The fur around their eyes creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. This yeast infection is causing the red coloring around your dog’s eyes. This can be uncomfortable for your dog and can sometimes cause an unpleasant odor.

You should be concerned about your dog’s health, but don’t worry too much. This condition can be easily taken care of with a prescription from your veterinarian. Take your Maltese to the vet. The vet will probably prescribe tetracycline which should be given your pet once each day for about two weeks.

You can clean the red stains with Visine, which is safe for both humans and dogs. With a cotton swab, gently clean the area affected by the red yeasty build up. Most dogs do not like to have their eye area touched, so you may want to have a dog treat handy. The Visine will also help to keep any bacteria from reemerging. After treating the area with Visine, put a little petroleum jelly around the affected area.

Unfortunately Maltese breeds are prone to these infections and it will return if you are not diligent in caring for your pet’s eyes. If you notice excess tearing, be certain to clean the dog’s eyes with Visine as described above. You may also try giving your dog a chewable calcium supplement. This will balance the ph level in the dog’s tears.

If you own a Maltese, you have an obligation to keep your dog’s eyes healthy and clean. If you don’t think you can handle this type of maintenance, then a Maltese may not be the breed for you. If you can commit to caring for your Maltese properly, these dogs are beautiful pets who can bring you years of joy.

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