My Small Cat Is Always Sleepy. Also Eyes Are Always Running And When She Wakes Up The Eye Has Green Puss Around The Eye And On The Eye. What Can I Do?


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Green or yellow discharge is consistent with conjunctivitis
(a superficial bacterial eye infection).  Conjunctivitis is called "pink eye" in human
children and in people is very contagious.  In cats and dogs conjunctivitis is not
contagious to people or other pets.  Your
cat needs to see her veterinarian who will stain the eye to make sure the
cornea (outer surface of the eye) is intact and not ulcerated and place her on
appropriate topical ophthalmic (specifically for the eyes).  Conjunctivitis is often associated with feline
upper respiratory complex.  Your veterinarian
will check her out to make sure she does not have any underlying illness or
infection that is making her lethargic and weak.  Cleaning the discharge around her eyes with
soft cotton balls soaked in warm water will make her feel more comfortable but
will not solve the problem.  Hope this

Ann Falk, DVM
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Take a warm damp paper towel and clean the kitty's eyes with it, careful not to use the same area of the paper towel more than once. Do this a couple of times a day for a while. Depending on the age of the kitty, it will be weak if it's less than 2 months old. If it continues to stay weak then you will want to take it to the vet. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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If your cat is only a few months or about a year, you can put a little saltwater in it's eye. ASK A VET BEFORE THIS PROCESS!
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It sounds like your cat has seizers..But I would take her to the Vet to make sure..

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