How Do I Leash Train My Pit Bull Puppy?


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Meta Forrest answered
Get him used to wearing his collar first of all, after a few days walk him around the house for 10-15 minutes at a time. Don't use the leash for a day or two, then when you want him to walk outside take the leash in your hand and go to the door and call him to you, put on the leash and take him out for about 10 mins. Gradually increase the time you are out with him and while doing so teach him how to walk by your heel, later you can teach him how to cope with traffic etc.
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Janet Vaughn answered

All puppies need to learn certain commands and skills to become good companions. They should know their names, how to sit and how to wait or stay in place. Walking quietly on a leash is also one of these essential skills. Dogs who pull incessantly on the leash are unpleasant and tiring for their owners to walk and may be dangerous to have in public. Fortunately, teaching loose leash walking is a fairly simple task.

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