Can I Take My Puppy Out Side For A Walk After His First 8 Week Vaccination


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Rather than thinking about it in terms of the eight-week vaccination, you should be thinking about how many rounds of shots the dog has had.  The dog can only be walked outside if it has had full four rounds of shots, including the rabies vaccination.  It’s incredibly important that you stick to this, as you could be exposing a young puppy to harmful viruses and bacteria that could essentially kill it.  Taking the dog out for a walk should be a good experience, not a fatal or a damaging one!

Once these four sets of vaccinations have been had, you can be sure that your puppy can enjoy the experience of going out for a walk for the very first time.  The puppy will soon understand that the outside is used for doing their business, as well as going out and having fun.

Remember also that your puppy cannot be exposed to incredibly long walks at such a young age.  You should wait until the dog is nearing its first birthday before you starting taking it out for walks that last for hours.  By taking out a young puppy for walks that span an entire afternoon, you could have a lasting effect on the anatomy of the dog.  It’s not fair to subject such young muscles to long strain, when the dog is still growing.

Remember that you should wait until the puppy is at least four months old, and had all of it's shots.  At such a young age, the dog will be at a high risk of contracting parvovirus and other fatal problems.  Making sure your dog is healthy is more important than getting it out for its very first walk.  It’s better to be safe than sorry, when the matter of your dog’s health comes into question.
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NO, You should wait until the second injections, you also need to know if your pup had a single injection or combination injection (2) if single injection, then your dog will need three of these before you can take him out
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After your vet informs you it's okay after the last set of puppy shots. Puppy shots are generally given every 3 to 4 weeks until the age of 4 or 5 months (the first rabies may be given around 6 months in some areas) so we can be reasonably sure that ONE of them worked because their titer levels may interfere with the effectiveness of the vaccines. Taking your puppy out in any public place before then is risking the fact that they have no protection and they are likely to catch a disease or illness like parvo that they have no protection for even if they have had at least one prior vaccination or more.
In the meantime it is a great idea to get the puppy comfortable on a leash in the home as dragging them with a leash attached to a collar around their neck can cause damage to their throat and if done at the wrong time like during a fear stage you could have some problems with walking on a leash. It needs to be fun and not traumatic for the best results :-).
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I don't see why not. I took my dogs out to walk right away when they were puppies. I was never told anything by my vet.
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A vet told me a week  after his second injection I can let my dog outside this is when he is protected against doggy diseases.
Which can kill your puppy better safe than sorry
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My vet told me to wait until after the third round of shots. My puppy is a 9 week old pit bull and will need to wait until she is 12 weeks  old, after she gets her third set of vaccinations. They also said pit bulls sometimes need 4 sets of vaccinations because they are more prone to diseases like distemper and parvo. It is 100% better to be safe than sorry, just listen to your vet
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Different vets give different answers my vet told me to wait til the third round of shots, but today when he got his 3rd round a different vet said I should wait... Just listen to your vet and go with that make sure he's protected against parvo
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Could I take my puppy out after it's first injection? He's second one is next monday. Would he be ok if we just took him around the block?
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Never take your puppy out especially the week after his shots. That's when his immune system is the lowest. To be the safest, it is best to let him have all his 3 shots before bringing him to the park to meet other dogs.
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Whenever is convenient for you and the weather is good for the puppy. Start off with walking the puppy around your house with the leash on and increase the amount of time and then practice in your yard or surround area. Walks are great exercise for your pup and also for us humans too! ☺

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