How Much Should A Seven Month Great Dane/lab (labradane) Weigh?


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The Labradane is not a purebred dog, thus there is no way to determine exactly what a puppy would weigh. However, a good guess can be made by looking at what parent it resembles the most, since it will probably have inherited most genes from that gene pool.

Since a Labrador can weigh in from 27 to 36 KG (60-80 lb), the puppy would weigh this as a minimum, and a Great Dane can weigh in at over 50 KG, so that would be the maximum weight.

If your puppy if more of a Great Dane than a Labrador, then it will weigh in at about 30-35 KG by seven months, but if it is more of a Labrador, then it will weigh in closer to 15-20 KG. Of course, this is assuming that the puppy is otherwise healthy, and is being fed well.
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My 9 month old labradane weighs 86 lbs.  He's still growing tall and filling out. I expect him to weigh around 120 lbs when he's full grown.
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We have a 1 year old and he weighs 80lbs. I expect him to fill out more over the next year.

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