I Have A Great Pyrenees / Husky Mix. How Much Should He Weigh?


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That sounds heavy - but how tall is he? Rather than worrying about the figures, run your palms with fingers outspread down your dog's ribcage from front to back, firmly but not too hard. Through his coat you should be able to feel the slight outline of each rib as you go past it. If you can - than he is not fat. If you cannot, and he feels all cushioned by fat - then he needs to lose weight.
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Ok. I have one, too and he weighs about the same. He's four years old, and he loves any kind of food (except popsicles) and he eats the other dog's food even if we try to stop him, but its hard because he is so big. Since  pyrenees and huskies are both big, I assume most of the mixes are large.

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