How Much Should A 7 Month Old Rottweiler Weigh?


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Some are bigger and some are smaller. It's more what weight is right for your specific dog in most cases (unless purchased on a show contract with clauses detailing requirements). There are 45 pound Rotty's and there are 150+ pet quality Rott's so it could be difficult to say, lol. :-)
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Male dogs are nearly 27-32 kilos, female dogs are 21-25 kilos. And if a Rottweiler weighs more or less then it's high time to change its diets. After all, a lack or excess of weight can cause severe issues to the dog. On PetsTiger I found an article about the best dog food for rottweiler. Maybe it'll come in handy for dog owners. But what will be even a better thing is to go to the vet and get an examination. Sometimes a dog can weigh more or less because this particular specimen have predispositions for it.

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Depends if its male or female. Some females dogs could way about 48lbs to 55lbs and male dogs could get to a range of 60lbs -70lbs. Remember some dogs eat more than others . Also depends on how much you feed them.
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I have a rottweiler bitch who is 7 months old. She is 23 inches to the shoulder and weighs 32kg. Is this average. She is stocky but has a defined waist and you can feel the ribs.

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