How Much Does A Great Pyrenees Dog Weigh At 3 Months Of Age?


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Puppy weight is greatly determined by how well fed they are. A full grown dog will weigh in at about 110 pounds or more, but a 3 month puppy should weigh about 15 pounds or so.

From the 3 month mark till your dog reaches 6 months feed about 3 times a day in moderate sized portions, about 1/2 cup to 1 cup of dry feed, mixed in with some moist feed. Increase the portion if the dog eats the food really quickly, decrease if not finished. Make sure the dog has plenty of access to clean drinking water. After 6 months, feed twice a day. Make sure you feed your puppy with a dog food made for large breed puppies as this has the right nutrition.

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Thank you for information,i just got a pryenees she is 4 months old and this has helped.thank you

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