How Much Should An Average Great Pyrenees Female Weigh At 5 Months?


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If you're the proud owner of a Great Pyrenees and are raising it from a puppy, there are several things you need to be aware of to keep your dog in the best possible health and ensure years of faithful and loving joy for you and your family.  There are several benchmarks you should observe to ensure good health, and at the age of five months your dog should weigh somewhere in the range of fifty pounds. 

The Great Pyrenees is a very capable and imposing guard dog that is devoted to his human family, and wary of all strangers, whether they are of the two or four-legged variety. It is as calm and well-behaved dog that is often used to guard cattle from predators. This is not a dog for the weak of heart, it needs to be raised to know the rules, and it will tend to dominate a weak owner or anyone who treats it like a human. They also have a tendency to bark and drool a lot, so be forewarned. 

If you live in an apartment, you need to strongly consider another breed of dog. Pyrenees need lots of exercise to stay healthy and a big yard is recommended to keep them healthy and happy. And if you plan on keeping them in your yard, a fence is highly recommended as they have a tendency to wander off and explore new territory. They prefer cooler climates as they have a thick coat that needs to be groomed on a regular basis.

Read up and learn all you can about the Great Pyrenees and you'll gain the companionship of a devoted and brave dog for many years. They require some care to keep them in the best possible shape so it's in your best interest to learn all you can before you bring one home to the family.
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We felt like Ellie was growing too slow, but we found out that with the brand of food we were feeding her we weren't giving her enough food. She's growing now nice & healthy.
8 wks she was 15 pounds
12 wks she was 25 pounds
18 wks she was 39 pounds
now, at 20 weeks (5 months) she weights 50 pounds.
I was advised by some internet research to feed her ADULT large breed food as a pup starting at 6 months to stunt her growth, so she doesn't have health problems from growing too fast. But I will just continue feeding her Large breed Puppy food until she's a year, then I'll move on to something with less calories. Meanwhile, we take her rollerblading during the week, and on weekends we go hiking (if weather permits) today we went for 5 miles in the snow. She loved it! She's very healthy and happy! :) good luck with your puppy!!!
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I intend to feed my Great Pyr puppy "Large Breed Puppy" food until she's a year old too. I have read they do best on a food that does not contain corn. It was difficult to find, reading all the labels, but I did find one and it's made in the USA too. I was happy. Corn has a link to allergies - something I'd like to prevent if possible. You're puppy sounds like the perfect weight.
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My great pyreneese  is only three months and she weighs 35 pounds!
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My female weighed 53 lbs at 5 months
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Hello friend, His normal weight should be about 35 lbs. if any thing less than or higher than then we can start looking for medication. But how ever is he/she weighs 35lbs is such a dynamic dog. kashowgy
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My male puppy weighs 58 pounds at 4 months. I feed him Nutro Ultra Puppy for Large Breeds.

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