How Much Benadryl Can An 165 Pound Eight Year Old Great Dane Have?


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Never give your dog Human Medication unless you speak to your vet first and the vet tells you what dosage to give for your dogs weight. You would be putting your dogs life in danger and you may give him the wrong dose, which can kill your dog. Just call your vets office (it's free) and ask them. I'm sure they will be happy to tell you what dose of Benadryl is safe.
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I give my dane Benedryl all the time. It was first prescribed by her vet when she had an allergy to her Kibbles and Bits. He said it was the red dye in the food. She would start to lick her front paws and irritate them and that is how I knew she was having an allergy reaction to something. I usually give her two 25 mg of benedryl, but the recommended dosage is 1 mg per pound. Instead of giving her 4 we chose to give her three and that worked perfect. I wouldn't give your dane more than three.

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