My Dog Is Pregnant By A Great Dane. Will She Be Able To Handle The Pregnancy?


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If your dog is in good health I would not expect a problem with the pregnancy.  She needs to be on a high quality adult maintenance diet for the first 3 weeks then at week 3-4 when her caloric requirements increase you can just increase the amount of food or many people will switch to a growth, active or puppy food for the remainder of the pregnancy.
The problems may arise when the puppies are ready to be born.  If she is much smaller than the Dane her puppies may be large.  Depending upon the fetal size she may not be able to deliver them naturally and need a C-section.  I would set aside some money just in case-they tend to go into labor in the night so often C-sections are done at an Emergency Clinic.
Gestation (pregnancy) lasts 64-66 days in the dog so since you know when she was bred you should know within 2-3 days of when she will have the puppies.
When she is 45 days pregnant take her to your veterinarian for an x-ray to count the number of puppies and assess the size of the fetuses.  This may help predict if fetal oversize exists and a C-section may be necessary.

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The body of the all female is
specially designed to afford pregnancy and its related problems. Male body can
not afford this. So don't worry, I she is having good health then she can
handle. Take care of her.
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She should be able to handle it as long she has no health issues.

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