Can I Feed My Red Noise Pit Bull Tomatoes?


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Christie Maver answered
You can't feed your pit all fruit. Like grapes are toxic to dogs just like chocolate. Pineapple is ok. But pitbulls specifically arent meant to eat anything other than meat. They do fine with dog food but they are the healthiest eating only meat. Tomatoes arent toxic to dogs, but keep it to a minimum. Pitbulls arent meant to eat it and it will most likely give your pit diarrhea.
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Heather Ramsey answered
As Cmaver1724
said feeding your pit tomatoes most likely will give them diarrhea
other then that it should be safe. Also like he said all dogs are
highly allergic to grapes even just grape juice can give a bad
reaction. I do not agree to feeding them mostly meat. Meat does not
give them all the nutrition they need.
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Yes you can you can also feed your dog fruit as well

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