What Is The Dry Black Stuff Coming From My Cat's Nose Eyes?


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If your cat has a black and dry produce on her nose it may be a respiratory infection or a sign he has asthma or even an allergy. To find out exactly what it is you should bring the cat to a doctor to find out.
If the cat is only new and you bought it from someone else you should take it right back and look for a new cat or your money back.
There is also the chance it may be dried blood or it may be dirt from the ground. In the case of the former make sure you figure out where it is coming from and try and get it resolved. If it is the latter you'll have to accept that's what cats do and be thankful that's all it is.
Sometimes cats stick their noses places they shouldn't and the dirt sticks to the sticky mucus like substance on their nose and dries and creates something similar to what you've described.  Just wipe it off with a damp cloth and keep an eye on it in case it isn't dirt.
It may also be a fungal infection in the cat's respiratory system which would need to be treated immediately by a vet. The vet will probably give him a dose of antibiotics to sort out any such issues if he has them.
Your cat should get checkups with the vet quite often just to ensure he/she is healthy and well and has no issues.
Though chances are with a cat it is just dust stuck to mucus on his nose. Just bring him to the vet to be assured.
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Without examining your cat it is impossible to determine the exact discharge.  Dark discharge can be dried blood.  There are several things that cause upper respiratory disease in cats.  Infectious disease--viral, bacterial, fungal, neoplasia (cancer), or nasal foreign body.  Ocular discharge can be secondary to conjunctivitis or can be normal.  It would be best to have your cat examined by a veterinarian to determine the cause of these problems and start appropriate treatment.
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Thank you for comment. I recently have taken in, I believe a homeless cat, and have been nuturing it the last couple of days. I have noticed this black dry stuff around her eyes and nose. I also noticed that cuticles are black where the claw meets the skin. If there are not changes in the next few days then I will take her to my vet. I currently do not have any other cats around the house so she should be safe. Again, thanks. G.
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Is your cat a persian??

if your cat is a persian maybe you will need to clean her eyes every second day because my friend has a persian cat and her eyes go black and around her nose!!

P.S. A persian cat is a cat that is really fluffy but I am sure your mum will tell you if he/she is a persian or not..

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If this discharge is new for your dog or cat then I would have your dog or cat examined by your veterinarian.  Black discharge may be blood or could be normal discharge.  Dark brown or slightly black discharge can be normal.  This can be the result of the eye getting rid of dirt and debris that accumulates.  This discharge is often found in the morning.  If this discharge appears bloody in nature have your pet examined by a veterinarian.  Green or yellow discharge is never normal and needs evaluation by a veterinarian.
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There can many reasons responsible for dark circles. Lack of sleep, continuous illness,lack of water intake, build-up of toxins, excessive smoking, stress,alcohol and insufficient diet. Check out Black eye symptoms for more info.

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It could be dried blood from a nosebleed that may not have been severe enough for you to notice or it could be dirt or dust that you inhaled.
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yes this happens to my cat as well the stuff coming out of the nose is not kinda stuff,and the eyes stuff is gunkie stuff gone dry

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Well I'm having the same problem and I've looked on many websites for an answer. I smoke but I've only been smoking for a week, I'm new to the experience. I'm thinking its because of that, maybe if you've increased your smoking then that might be the reason for the black stuff.
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Ever snort cocaine? I just blew some black shit out of my nose and now I can breath much better. Seems like I had trouble breathing out of my nose when I snorted some coke about a year ago....must have been cut with some nasty shit. Are you a smoker? Maybe tar builds up in sinus cavities and eventually comes out. Doesn't seem like it would be just dirt or an old dried nose bleed, at least in my case. It tasted and smelled like vomit, except from my nose.....yummy!

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