My Cat Has A Dark Brown Discharge From Her Eyes, Should I Be Concerned?


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One possible cause for your signs would be very bad conjunctivitis. Other causes of the brown discharge could be an infection or an eye ulcer. An infection could have been caused by something such as a seed or foreign matter getting into the cat’s eye and lodging itself in there for infection and bacteria to breed. There is more information about the most probable cause of conjunctivitis at the Pet Place website, the link to which is here: It is possible to treat your cat at home if you can manage. You may need someone to hold the cat while you tend to its eye. Options for at home care include firmly placing a warm compress to the eye. You must use a clean, damp, warm cloth to avoid making the infection worse. This will help with the inflammation in the eye area. The second recommended treatment is to try and flush the eye with a sterile saline solution. This type of saline solution can be bought over the counter at most supermarkets and pharmacies. This process should be repeated once or twice a day to gain control over the build up of the discharge. You may also want to check the cat’s eye for signs of any foreign object. If this simple treatment does not seem to make the discharge better within two to three days, the cat should be taken to the vetenary surgery to be seen by a vet who will be able to advise further on the cat’s condition and will be able to provide a prescription medicine if needs be.
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We have a cat (stray found starved in back yard 6 months ago). One eye is always crusted from running. Her eye was looked at by a vet and he said the eye had no damage, it was probably allergies. This is only one of her eyes. The other is fine. The discharge is reddish brown and we clean it every day with a warm wet cotton ball. It dries on the side of her nose and she does not clean it herself. The vet sold us an antibacterial ointment, but it makes no difference. We thought maybe she had some brain damage and her spine must have been injured along the way. Her back legs do not work normally.
We love her and will continue to take care of her.
Thank you,
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I've had my cat for 11 years and for as long as I can remember her eyes would discharge a brown crusty substance much like what is in our eyes in the morning only darker and not as crusty. She has been to the vet on multiple occasions for other things and they never even bring up the fact that her eyes do this. I don't think it's reason for much concern.
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As I have been told by my vet about my own cats, a brown discharge and wheezing now and then is mostly allergies. Just keep the eyes clean, and keep her away from other pets if possible, just to be safe. There actually is a for help also.
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Thanks for your advice! I had been told that from someone else also, but it never hurts to have a second opinion! Thanks again!
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Yee's warm wash cloth also try not to handle the kitten with bare hands for a while. I have experienced that the oils from your hands will cause this. Pick the kitten up with a barrier of some kind like a cloth or gloves. Wait about 2 weeks after the eye is healed before touching w/ bare hands again
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See smalco001 cat is a very precious & delicate gift . So in order to take proper care you must visit a vet for your cat's problem.
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Thanks AJINKYA! I am going to do that! She was an unexpected surprise that was given to me. I am going to ask the people who had her last(and who claim she is up to date on her shots) to get me a copy of her vet records and then I will take her to my vet soon. Thanks Again! :)
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You can clean their bedding, and take a warm wet wash cloth to them, rubbing from the inner corner of the eye toward the outside.

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