My Cat Is Losing Patches Of Hair. He Has No Fleas, The Skin Looks Pink And Healthy. He Eats A Good Diet. What Is Wrong?


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There can be many reasons why your feline friend is losing his fur, and most of these problems are very easily identified and fixed.

It is worth bearing in mind that the shedding of fur does not always indicate that your cat is unhealthy or ill. One of the most common reasons for hair loss in a cat is that they are pulling or biting the fur off themselves and there are a couple of reasons your cat may be doing this. Are you finding clumps of hair scattered about your home or in his bed or favorite places? Have you noticed he is cleaning and grooming himself more than usual? Have you seen him biting or scratching at the patches that are now furless? You may need to observe your cat's behavior a little more closely to answer the last question. If this is the case, your cat may have fleas, especially if he is biting or scratching near to the back of his body. Fleabites are incredibly irritating for a cat - just like when we have a mosquito bite that we just want to vigorously scratch! To rectify this problem, purchase some flea remedy from a pet store; if symptoms persist, it may be worth taking him to the vet.

Mites are another reason your cat could be pulling out his fur, and can cause "mange" - a condition that makes your cat bite his or her own skin to relieve itching. You will need to get this checked out by your vet.

As well as mites and fleas, a cat may lose fur due to ring worm, common glandular diseases, food allergies, or stress. An abscess causing your cat pain could also be the problem, making them lick the fur, causing it to fall out. In cases like this, it is always best to contact your vet.
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Did you by any chance use a liquid flea medicine on your cats like Advantage or Frontline? I ask because the area at the base of the neck, between the shoulders is where it is usually applied. Many cats are sensitive to the medication. You might want to give your vet a call if this is the case and see what he recommends. Good Luck to you and the kitties.
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There are many causes for hair loss.  Common causes include mites, ringworm, allergies, and over grooming.  Your cat needs to be examined by a veterinarian.  They will run diagnostics tests to rule out medical causes of hair loss.  Behavioral causes can be secondary to stress, anxiety, or discomfort.  Your veterinarian can help identify causes of stress, discuss behavior modification, and start behavior medication as appropriate.
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Could be ringworm (they are carriers) or other skin problem/condition. Can be a sign of thyroid or sometimes diabetes or other disease/metabolic/endocrine problem. It's best to have your cat checked out to be sure. If it is a serious problem the sooner you can start treatment and make them more comfortable the better.
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I don't really know the answer but my cat is having the same problem. I do not have a flea problem. It started in December when we had out first snow fall, and I do use the One spot flea control but it's been three months since I out it on her. The patch is about three inches long behind her ear. I believe it must be the change in climate and a but of stress. Because she loves the outdoors but she can't stand the cold. This is her first winter where she can go out side. So Both of these factors could cause the hair loss. Your cats may only be stressed from the fleas. Fleas eating the flesh causes animals to become stressed if they had problems with them for a little while and having to handle their tormenting and itching.
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I had an inside cat that was losing hair. The vet said it had greater nutritional requirements than our outside cats, and since it was inside, was not able to supplement its diet with chipmonks and plants. I started to feed it a better brand of food, and it's hair grew back, and it's been fine ever since.
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It might be just be hot spots but you really need the vet to run tests to rule out any bad things that can cause this. Good luck!!!!
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I haven't had cats in some time but if they did have a flea problem you might want to check your house. Even though you rid the cats of fleas they may get re-infested if the fleas are living in your carpet. You might want to get a flea bomb from your veterinarian. Make sure to following the instructions carefully as you will need to vacuum before and after any treatments and throw away the bag.

Also, if these are indoor/outdoor cats, they may be having a skin reaction if you have your lawns or gardens treated with chemicals.

It may just be dry skin but your vet would be able to determine if they have some kind of skin ailment.

If it is dry skin try putting Lanitone in their food that has helped numerous dogs that I have had and is available in your local pet stores.

Not to alarm you, but if they are indoor/outdoor and you live in the Northeast, primarily New England, there has been an outbreak of mange among wild animals so have your pets checked if you are suspicious.

Good Luck!
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"Fleas" in pets, especially in cats, cause hair loss and itching in skin. This is an allergic disease. Sometimes it happens due to lack of proper nutrition. Take care of its diet. The scab shows severe reaction on its skin. It is better to take this cat to your vet immediately.

Give it bath with good antibiotic shampoo. These are available in the market. Give it good food.
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She is an indoor cat who refuses to stay indoors; I have the flea and tick collar around her neck; I also have the drops you put on her head and neck (back) I have started giving her, (yesterday) sardine old, which she loves.

Is there an antibiotic cream I can put on her skin?  I am a senior and do not have the money to take her to a vet.
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Yes that can definitely be from the food allergies. It can also be from fleas. So get her some flea treatment from your vet and also if she's not already, get her on some allergy medication or steroid.
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My cat is 2yrs old she is an indoor cat she just started to loose her hair and is itching a lot around her kneck  she has scabs on he back end by her tail

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