Why Is My Cat's Nose Running?


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Cats are prone to developing feline upper respiratory complex. Several viruses are implicated in this disease and allow bacteria to invade and set up an infection. These cats have nasal discharge, feel lethargic, may become febrile, and stop eating/drinking. If you are concerned your cat is sick have it examined by a veterinarian.
Less serious causes could be dry climate, allergies, tooth root abscess, or nasal foreign body.
If this continues or your cat develops further signs have it examined by a veterinarian.
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These signs could be due to a number of different problems, but the most common cause of nasal discharge is viral infection.  Cat flu is an upper respiratory tract infection caused by three different viruses (Feline Herpes Virus, Feline Rhinotracheitis Virus and Calicivirus).   Secondary infection with bacteria is common.  Signs include dullness, depression, nasal discharge, sneezing, fever, and reluctance to eat.  Signs usually resolve in 2-3 weeks but some cats become long term carriers.  You can treat your cat at home if it is still eating.  Try strong smelling food like fish to stimulate hunger and ensure plenty of clean fresh water is available.  Keep your cat’s eyes and nose free of discharge by bathing them gently with a moistened cotton bud and try and keep your cat warm, comfortable and stress free.  You can also bring your cat into the bathroom during a hot shower for a steam.  The steam will help to break up mucous and clear the airways.  More severely affected cats that are refusing food are in danger of dehydration and malnutrition and should receive veterinary attention.
Other causes of nasal discharge include cat flu, nasal cancer, the presence of a foreign body, and allergies. 
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It could be a cold, or an infection, or the worst thing of all, feline leukemia, you need to take the kitty to the vet to make sure that it isn't, and if it is a cold, you will be able to get some antibiotics for it to help out, hope this helps, good luck to you and the kitty.
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Runny nose in cats can be due upper respiratory tract infection. This infection can be caused by bacteria or virus. Symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections in cats are

1. Fever
2. Runny nose
3. Sneezing
4. Runny eyes
5. Drooling
6. Breathing problems
7. Breathing through open mouth

So, you should take your cat to vet to know the cause of runny nose and proper treatment
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This is a kitten about 6 months old she's been ok since we got her then we went outside a few minutes ago and found her like this the drooling is clear and is excessive her eyes are red and runny
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Well I volunteer on the VCA animal hospital at san carlos and the reason why your cats nose is runny is because it might be getting a flu or because if you have your cat with vaccines already its 75% preventable thats they can get vomiting,Daria,or doesnt want to eat,or runny nose thats what happens to all the animals while getting their don't worry bout if it keeps on running ill suggest to to take him/her to the hospital
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It's hard to answer that question without more information. The runny nose thing is probably nothing but the drooling sounds more serious. I'm not a vet but I can tell you that the one time I had a drooling cat it turned out to be kidney failure. Hopefully it's nothing as serious as that but I would suggest you take your cat to the vet.
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Your cat's nose is probably running because it might have a drainage problem. If so you should not be too worried about it because all that you really have to do is, simply arrange an appointment with some kind of vet. It is not that big of a deal, really. Just be sure not to stress yourself to much.

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