What Is The Black Stuff That Comes Out With Afterbirth Of A Chihuahua?


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It is normal for dogs to have discharge after giving birth. This discharge is actually part of cleaning process of uterus that is needed to get ready for next heat cycle. There are many changes in the uterus that take place during pregnancy. All these changes are temporary and take place in order to accommodate growing puppies in uterus. After the delivery, uterus should come in to its original form, so, all these temporary changes are expelled out in the form of discharge that can be of dark green to black color. This discharge can continue for 18-21  days. Immediately after delivery, this discharge is frequent but reduced as the time passes and is present only in the form of spots at the end.

After the delivery of puppies, placental sites should be recedes from the dogs. If this not happen then there can be a bloody or clear discharge that is not good sign and considered to be problem. This condition needs to be investigated by vet.

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