I Found Lumps On My Cat's Neck And Behind Her Front Legs. What Are They?


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Lumps or bumps anywhere on a cat's skin may be the sign of any number of issues. If you notice bumps underneath your pet's fur, then should take your cat to the vet immediately.

The vet will be able to undertake a full and thorough evaluation of your pet, and can give it any necessary treatment.

What does lumps on my cat's neck and legs mean?
  • Abscess: An abscess could potentially be a very painful problem for a cat, and could also develop into something more serious.
  • Cancer: Lumps could be a sign of cancer, so take your cat to the vet straight away.
  • Hematoma: This a collection of clotted blood under the skin.
  • Mycetoma: A nodule beneath the skin of the cat, which is normally caused by trauma.
  • Skin papilloma: These look like warts and are not serious.
As the above list demonstrates, lumps or bumps on your cat could be caused by a number of problems, both serious and relatively harmless. Therefore, if you discover a bump, then take your cat to the vet straight away.
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Could be a number of things. How long have they been there? How big are they?

They could be ticks. They could be insect bites. They could be swollen lymph nodes.

Does your cat appear to be ill?

Inspect the lumps more closely to see if they are ticks, because those little buggers can hide fairly well.

If they are ticks, give her a tick collar or Proban tablets (Active ingredient : Cythioate 30mg).
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they could also be benign cysts.I know that they're not ticks!! I've had cats long enough to know what fleas and ticks are!!
I had thought that they might be enlarged lymph nodes. My kitty,Misty has been acting like she's not quite feeling up to par lately! I'm hoping that she has just had a bug or kitty flu or something like that!! I took her to the vet today. He doesn't seem to think it was much!!

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