My Hamster Has A Black Lump On Her Leg. What Is It, And How Can I Help Cure It?


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Sorry to hear your hamster is unwell.

A small black lump on her leg could be caused by a number of things - so you should really get your hamster to the vet as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, black lumps aren't usually the kind of thing you can cure at home.

What Could The Black Lump On My Hamster's Leg Be?

  • An abscess
  • A benign (or harmless) tumor
  • A cancerous tumor
The sooner you get your hamster checked out, the better - these things can get worse very quickly, so the sooner you deal with it, the better chance you have of saving your hamster.

Can My Hamster Undergo An Operation?
That really depends on how old your hamster is, and whether your vet thinks that it's worth the risk.

Quite often, vets will refuse to operate on hamsters, because putting them under anaesthetic can be dangerous. Younger hamsters have a better chance of surviving the anaesthetic than older ones do.

It's not unusual for hamsters with tumors to live long and happy lives, so it's not always worth putting them at risk by operating.
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It could be a cyst - our hamster had one but the vet didn't want to treat it because the risk was too great to the hamster.

We weren't told at the time though that they often become cancerous, and in the end we had to have the hamster put down.

You need to get it checked out at the vets.

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