Staffie with itching problem. Losing hair behind legs, bald spots with red pimples that squirt puss like a zit. She's had for a few months.Vet. Said because I give her people food.(I doubt it)I only give her d/f, although she won't eat it. WHAT IS IT?


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Lauren Jeans answered
I'm no vet, but am a owner of 6 dogs various breeds my jack russell age to got the same thing, its acne , dogs get it too, many dogs like mine and yours refuse to eat untill it stops itching so they can enjoy there food, get acne cream for dogs , your local vet or pet shop will have it, I got mine from the pet shop and now his fur has grown back and he is having no bother , I'm glad I could help xx
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Sounds like a unique allergy problem what type of food ? My girl wont eat dog food with brewers yeast in it, I started feeding her chicken soup for the dog lovers soul, and she does fine. She had the exact same symptoms but all allergies are different.
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Go to another vet. This doesn't sound like something that people food would cause, but you haven't stopped giving her people food, have you? Stop feeding her people food and she will start eating dog food again. You shouldn't feed her people food ever, ever, ever, ever. Bottom line.

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