My Shar-Pei Has Developed Blisters Under Her Chin And On Her Neck. What Are They From?They Have Broken And Are Oozing, Making Her Scratch The Area. How Can I Treat The Area So It Will Heal?


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The blister formation on the chin of your dog can be due to insect bite, allergy to diet or it can also be due to side effects of flea control products. Don't try to treat your dog by yourself. The Vit knows better than us. Take your dog to Vit for diagnosis and treatment. Always treat your dog as you treat your baby.
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Our shar pei has the same thing. I researched it and it turns out to be a skin condition that is fairly normal with shar pei. It comes from the same thing that causes their skin to wrinkle. There is not much you can do for it - I now that sucks, but the good news is that it shouldn't have any effect on your shar pei other than they itch.
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there is a possibility of another condition know as " perioral dermatitis". It is characterized by the presence of rash and blisters around the mouth and the chin area. Although the cause is usually unknown, it can be due to irritation from certain cosmetics, sunlight, moisturizers etc.There are various home remedies for double chin that helps you to lose face fat and double chin removal.

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