What Could Be The Lump On My Cat's Back?


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Sounds as if she got a bite, probably from another cat and has developed an abscess. Hold a folded towel soaked in hottish salty water over it to try and encourage it to drain. If she does not object to being bathed you could do this by running water from the shower head on it instead. When you can - get to the vet for it to be given a good clean and antibiotics.
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There can be two reasons behind this problem. One is the bite or sting of an insect that is infectious now and is in very bad shape. It needs an immediate attention and proper cleanliness through antiseptic lotions. Second reason is even worst that is growth of cancerous cells which often show symptoms like blood and puss coming out of lumps. If the lump is irregular in shape and growing rapidly then definitely you have to take it to vet immediately.
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Any lump of any kind needs to be evaluated by a vet. The vet may need to surgically remove it.
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Thank you for the info, she does not like us to hold her. She loves to be pet but not held so I am not so sure how this is going to work. She has been licking it and it has gone way way way down. It isn't draing as much and there isn't a lump there. I am not even sure when she got it. But she became really grumpy last week and I didn't notice it until the other day when I was petting her.
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My cat has a lump on her back between her shoulder blades. It doesnt seem to hurt her but I am very worried.
Its about the size of a purple grape, no broken skin or pus and I am sooo worried.... Do you think its cancer if it doesnt hurt her or can it be a cyst???
Please help
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Dermoid Sinus is a skin disease that usually cause lump on skin and this is common in disease. You need to take care of your pets and give her some anti-biotic that can help your cat to get rid of this disease.

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