What Are The Signs Of Throat Tumors In Cats?


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Throat cancer in cats.
Throat cancer in cats is quite a rare disease, but one that is very difficult to treat and which is often life-threatening when it does occur.

Quick diagnosis is essential to treatment, so here are a few of the signs that your cat may have a throat tumor:

  • Changes in the "voice" of your cat. Your cat's meow or other noises that it makes make may change pitch.
  • Your cat may lose its purr.
  • Its breathing will become heavier and louder.
  • Your cat will no longer be able to exercise for long periods of time. It will tire very easily.
  • Your cat may begin to breath with its mouth open.
  • If the cancer has already developed, your cat could suddenly collapse. In this case, it will need to be rushed to the vet straight away.
  • Your cat will have difficulty eating its food, and may not even be able to swallow.
If your cat experiences any of these symptoms, then rush him or her to the vet immediately!

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