My Female Cat Has Red Eye And Watering, What Should I Do At This Late Of The Night?


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I'm no vet but I'm guessing it sounds like conjunctivitis a condition that makes the eyes start to water ,then to produce a green discharge later ,the best way to manage this is to use cotton wool soaked in cooled boiled water so its sterile and then starting from the corner of the eyes bath them towards the outside ,should change cotton piece with each time ,if things are no better after say 3 days you may need an appointment with the vet for antibiotics but try at home first
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Cleaning the eye at home is not going to fix this problem.  The cat needs to be examined by a veterinarian.  They will look under the eyelids and the third eyelid to make sure an ocular foreign body not causing the problem.  The veterinarian will also do a Fluorescein stain to make sure the cornea (outer surface of the eye) is intact.  Then appropriate antibiotics will be applied.
Do not use any medications at home--eye medications need to be specially formulated.  To clean the eyes you do not need to boil water--just use cotton balls and warm water. 
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My cat had the same thing - make sure its not just allergies - it could be wasted worry - My outside cat has horrible allergies and because pollen is so high right now in the spring he has problems but I do wash his eyes at night and that seems to help. Good luck

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